Thursday, November 23, 2017

What did Santa really mean when he says HO HO HO ?

     Every year at Christmas we all hear Santa screaming out his famous Ho Ho Ho  all over the world. Nobody ever  looked into just why Santa is belting out his famous greeting.

     We decided to look into it  and dig very deep into how this came about.  When we did our investigations, Interviews and left no stone unturned.

     We warn you, What we discovered will shock you. If you have any small children please do not let them read this.

          Santa for many many many years flew all over the world and have had a Birdseye  view of the Earth.

     What he has seen way too many times was when he landed his sleigh he see a BackHoe on the property ruining a beautiful landscape yard because the homeowners did not want to have their Septic Tank or Cesspools located way before a Septic or Cesspool emergency in Suffolk County Long Island NY, So his famous saying of Ho Ho Ho is really Backhoe Backhoe, Backhoe as he points to them !

     We do agree with Santa, If you do not know where your Septic Tank or Cesspools are before a emergency and not just a general area but a exact spot where each Septic Tank Or Cesspool is,  You have a major repair bill and a major landscape bill and  your neighbors laughing.

     Please call us before a Septic Tank or Cesspool emergency to have us locate your Septic Tank or Cesspools in Suffolk County Long Island NY area.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hamptons, How much do you want to pay somebody to ruin your landscape with a backhoe?

     A septic cesspool emergency in Suffolk County Long Island can happen anytime and it most likely  will happen around a holiday because of all the prep and cleaning then  when the friends and family arrive, Well water usage goes right thru the roof and if you do not know where your septic or cesspool is located in suffolk county long island and you have a housefull, A landscape ruining Backhoe may arrive to ruin your expensive landscape trying to locate where your septic tank or cesspools are so they can be serviced.

     Now what if you can do this all over again and locate your septic tank or cesspools before you have a housefull, Not ruin your expensive landscape and not have a bad holiday memory ?

     You can. Just call us even you are not having any septic or cesspool problems and have us locate your total system without ruining your expensive landscape. This way you will save money from not having a landscape ruining backhoe on your property and when you call a septic or cesspool pumping company to service it, You will know exactly where your septic or cesspool system is in the ground and no landscape ruining backhoe will be needed !

      Give us a call to locate your septic tank, cesspools or septic tank and cesspools  before you have any remote sign of a septic or cesspool problem at 631-368-0901

Friday, November 17, 2017

Did you invite a Backhoe to your family's Thanksgiving dinner?

     It happens every year. You plan on every little detail. The Turkey, The trimmings to what would everybody drink and where will they sit. No stoned left unturned, But you forgot something that will ruin it every single time.

     Your septic tank or cesspools have been working overtime to keep up with what you and your family have been "Flushing" at it. The system is full and you do not know exactly where your septic tank or cesspools are and how you would get into them to get them pumped out. You call a company who see major money signs flashing before their eyes and out of your wallet. To find your septic tank or cesspools fast before Thanksgiving, They will get a backhoe there to ruin your landscape and charge you big bucks to do that as fast as they can and YOU end up making a spot at the dinner table for a backhoe.

Just call us way before any septic tank, cesspool or sewer emergencies and you will save having your Thanksgiving and landscape ruined.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

In Suffolk County NY,Not knowing exactly where your Septic or Cesspool system can get somebody killed!

     Turning a blind eye to where exactly your cesspools or septic tank is may  get somebody killed on your property.

     In older homes, Before 1980, Homemade block cesspools and septic tanks where installed and buried. Over the years the cement rots and the whole system gets weaker. This "Eating" of the cement does not stop at the cement blocks. The cement blocks or cesspool blocks rot and get weaker and weaker to where they just crumble with no signs from above ground until somebody or some animal walks across it and what is left of the septic tank or cesspools cave in taking you with it.  For the record, Very few people survive a cesspool or septic tank cave in. They will get buried alive and below the water level and die a horrible very preventable death. Drowning in a cesspool or a septic tank is no joke and the homeowner will be responsible and their homeowners insurance will not protect them. You will lose everything you own after the lawyers are done.

     Suffolk County NY has some old homes with block cesspools, homemade cesspools and homemade septic tanks, Turning a blind eye to them and where they are will not hold up in Court.

     Make a appointment to get your septic tank, cesspools or any type of onsite or larger sanitary system located BEFORE a accident happens.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Suffolk County Cesspool Locating: Call US before you have a Back Up !

The worst time to locate your Suffolk County Cesspool is when you have a back up ! Calling a septic pumping company, cesspool pumping company or a sanitary pumping company when you have a cesspool back up or a septic back up is that is when a landscape ruining backhoe will be called to ruin your landscape above your septic tank, septic, cesspool or sanitary system and costing thousands to locate and service your suffolk county cesspool, septic tank or sanitary then costing many more thousands to fix your landscape ! It can get so expensive to locate your septic tank, cesspool or sanitary system when you have a problem when you don't know exactly where it is. Having a idea where it maybe is a guess and equal to not knowing and not knowing means a expensive backhoe is in your future along with new landscaping.

Call us to locate your suffolk county septic tank, cesspool, sanitary system or sewer line, main line or any drain line BEFORE your backup. You will save thousands!

                                Check out our website for tips on how to locate your suffolk county septic tank, cesspool or sanitary system today !


Friday, October 27, 2017

Drain Line locating Suffolk County Long Island NY

Drain line locating in Suffolk County Long Island can be very hard to do unless you have decades of experience  using a system you developed. It takes many many many years of locating drain lines to develop a system to be dead on every time and not "Hit and Miss" like other companies and that is why other companies in Suffolk County call us to locate their septic, cesspools and drain lines.

     Drain lines disappear when soil or concrete is put on top of them and memories and almost never close as time seems to move all things buried ! Unless there is above marker of some sort, all bets are off and where you think the pipe was equals more money out of your pocket in one way or another.

     We had many people call us when their contractor spent days with a jackhammer breaking up their basement to find a line to find out the line goes somewhere else ! Still the property owner got the bill for 2 days of jackhammering the floor!

     How do you save money? By calling us first !


Septic Cesspool locating: Nobody can find it without a backhoe.

 Septic and Cesspools can be anywhere in any property and can even be in your next door neighbor's yard and they do not even know it !
     Most times people call a septic pumping company after a system backs up and has somebody come out and bang a bar into the ground all over for hours on end to hopefully hit your septic tank or cesspool and that costs alot of money and destroys your property besides the very high risk of hitting a gas, water or electric or anything that is in the ground and very expensive to fix.

     We call that guessing.

We don't guess where your septic tank or cesspool is, We find it using a system  we developed over the years to locate your septic tank or cesspools without any damage to your landscape !

Just how do we do it?   We won't tell BUT you can enjoy our services and our work.

Give us a call before your septic tank or cesspool backs up and let us locate the system so you can save money and dig up the covers by hand or have someone else do it for you.  Either way, You save your landscape when you call Ranger Sewer to locate your septic tank or cesspool.

                                                           Ranger Sewer