Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We can "See" behind walls and Floors !

Pre Construction mapping of walls and floors , With and Without surface mark outs are the norm  requested by any respectable Home Improvement or Construction company in the United States today. Gone are the days of guessing before a estimate is given.

     With our services , We can help take out the surprise headache that may put your budget way over and help you decide if the risk is worth it or not. We put YOU in control and help you see what  is behind the walls and floors.

Do not gamble on your construction or home improvement product and call us way before you call your contractor and if your contractor does not recommend our services, It maybe time to change contractors.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to save a TON of money when you have a Septic or Cesspool problem in Suffolk County NY!

     Who plans for emergencies ?  Not many and that it is why they are called emergencies , They just happen when you least expect it.

How do you save money during a emergency?

     Septic, Cesspools and sewer emergencies  are true emergencies and when you need to save money, A clear head will win out over  losing it.

Septic and Cesspool companies make alot of money on locating septic and cesspool locates and charge alot more then a arm and a leg and a few out there will even take your house and first born if you let them !

     Septic, Cesspool and Sewer emergencies do happen and we do not operate like many other companies who take advantage of your misfortune. This is why we have many repeat business and referrals from our clients.

Here is your answer:

     Call us FIRST way before you call any Septic or Cesspool company to come out and locate your system. Let us locate your Septic, Cesspool or Sewer system and let them service your Septic or Cesspool system.  By doing this, You are saving many hundreds of your hard earned money.

We will tell you exactly where your covers are and you can either dig them up yourself or have the Septic or Cesspool company dig them up themselves.

Locating Septic, Cesspools, Drain Lines, and Sewers is what we do. Call us today to set up appointment at 631-368-0901 or visit out website at WWW.RangerSewer.com

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why risk blowing up your home?

     Why risk blowing up your home? Everyday on long island somebody is taking that risk . Why ? Because the homeowner does not know that if you call a service and they start to use metal bar to locate anything underground, They can hit your gas or water line and either flood or blow up your home!

     If you feel it is a acceptable risk to go slamming rods into the ground to locate anything in the ground BEFORE a utility mark out, well leave this page now.

     Many companies in Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island NY  use a probe method to go locate  underground systems without calling for code required Utility Mark out. This is very dangerous and very unsafe.

     With the grounds on Long Island being so busy, It is not hard to hit a gas, water or electric lines underground! AND to top it all off,  With so many new ways to install Gas, Water  or Electric lines with less excavation, It is easy to make a install look like nothing was done !

     If the Contractor you hired refuses to call for a Utility Mark Out,  Tell them to leave,

     A Utility Mark Out before any work is done may safe your home or your family's life.

If you need a Private Utility Markout done on your property, Give us a call !

Friday, June 30, 2017

Tips for homeowners before you dig anywhere on your property

      Plan, Plan, Plan before you dig anywhere on your property. Gas, Water, Electric, Oil, Propane, To septic, sewer, or storm drain lines could be anywhere under your feet! The ground is very busy and in most states, You do not need the homeowners permission to run, repair or install any gas, water, electric lines to storm or sewer lines or work.

     I wish I was kidding with you. The ground under our feet is very "busy" so taking care and planning your project to avoid a major nightmare can save you thousands and could save your life!

From Ground Penetrating Radar, Deep Scan, Blind Scans to Direct Connect locates, We have the tools to find what is in your ground., So give us a call today.


Friday, June 23, 2017

You must do this before you rent or buy a home !

     There are many things you must do before you rent, buy a home, a piece of property or a rental income property besides move in.

     You must locate all gas, water, electric, buried tanks and deep scan the entire property,Locate the septic system or sewer line AND locate all emergency shut off valves and switches.

     Trying to find the above in a emergency is very stressful and costly. It's a gut wrenching horror running around trying to FIND emergency shut off vales when you do not know where to look !

     We make it easy for you and find them BEFORE a emergency for you and save you money because during a emergency, Time is money.

     Go to our website to learn more:

We are waiting for your call.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why should a Homeowner care where their buried gas, water or electric are?

     Short answer: Because your family will miss you if you don't miss that gas, water or electric line!

Now for the long answer:

     Our land has become very busy with utilities  being installed under our feet and with the many new no dig ways to install utilities  you may never know they where ever there! You go to work and so do utility companies installing gas, water, electric lines without even stepping onto your property or even digging on your property, and when done, Clean up and leave before you come home. This happens a thousand times a day !

     Many codes state a minimum of 3 feet deep should be all utilities, BUT things happen and utility lines can drift up closer to the surface, and if you go and start that minor to a major project without calling for a utility mark out, YOU can get very hurt to even losing your life!  Do you want to do that to your family?

Always call for a mark out and it it is past your meter, call us to locate your utility lines before you dig and always dig safe !

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

East Hampton, We got you covered !

     East Hampton and all of Eastern Long Island, We got you covered !  If you need to locate your Septic Tank, Cesspool or any Gas, Water or Electric lines or you want us to do a Pre Purchase locate on your investment, Give us a call !

     The Hampton's and Eastern Long Island has their own set of Septic, Cesspool and Utility locating headaches that are not a problem for us. We even get recommended by many other companies in the septic, sewer, gas ,water electric to Plumbers to come out and locate what needs to be found !

     Our no dig locating services cut your repair costs down to as little as possible and your landscape does not get destroyed !

If you can't find it, We can !