Monday, April 16, 2018

Suffolk County Septic Cesspools and today's heavy rain.

     Toady's rain is bad news for your septic tank or cesspool and the older it is, bad news comes to your septic tank or cesspools. Rain and any buried septic tank or cesspools in Suffolk County  NY or anywhere  a septic tank of cesspool is will help speed up problems for them.

     If you have a septic tank or cesspool in Suffolk County NY that is older then 10 years old, Rain will help settle the soil around it and if your Suffolk county septic tank or cesspool does not have inspection ports raised to grade and allowed to breath and not buried, Hydrogen Sulfide will be eating up the concrete or your septic tank or cesspool and will weaken it and can, have and will cave in either on it's own or when somebody walks across or close to it.
     I have seen way too many septic tanks and cesspools in Suffolk county long island NY that did not have a inspection port raised to grade and allowed to breath cave in after only 5 years !

     The days of bury  it and forget about it are gone and with so many septic tanks and cesspools caving in in Suffolk county long island NY, The owner of the property is responsible for any damages to anything or anyone that your caved in septic tank or cesspools caused.

     Will your Insurance protect you? NO.

     What is buried on your property is your responsibility and if somebody gets hurt on your property, You will appear in Court to answer for why you allowed this to happen and to settle with the injured party. Turning a blind eye to what just maybe buried on your property will cost you everything you own.

     What can be done? A complete locate of everything on your property. This will help you access what needs to be done so nobody gets hurt or dies on your property.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

What to do if someone gets swallowed by the Earth on your property:

     Toda is the first warm day  to get outside on your property and just let loose and have a little fun. Weather it's cleaning it up to having a BBQ, The Spring finally gave us a warm day and what  better thing to do is to go outside !

     What people don't understand is that there is a lurking  ticking time bomb just under your feet that takes lives every year and it is just about to get very active right now. It has a season and that season  is now BUT this can happen anytime of the year.

     I am talking about your Septic Tank and Cesspool's location and knowing exactly where it is. If you have a sewer line, This matters to you also.

     ANY TYPE of Cesspools to Septic Tanks DO cave in. There is no such thing as a safe septic Tank or Cesspool system and I do not care what any Cesspool or Septic pumping company says, All Septic Tanks and Cesspools cave in and if anything is around it, It will take that life too.

     Get your Septic Tank, Cesspool and Sewer Line located by us and help keep your property safe and you out of the Court System. If someone dies on your property, You will be before a Judge asking you very uncomfortable questions and you loosing everything you own.

I don't want that happening to you, Call us today and make a appointment for us to come out and locate everything on your property INCLUDING your total Septic Tank or Cesspool system.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snow and your Septic Tank, Cesspools or Sewer Line.

     Snow is not good to your septic tank, cesspool or sewer line, On top of it or in it, Next to it or even under it. Any type of moisture will be negative to your system, Even if you have a sewer hook up as most sewer areas started with septic tanks and cesspools and almost all where not properly back filled.

     Snow.when melting and add freezing and above freezing temps,gets into the soil around your  septic, cesspool or sewer line will settles out any voids in and around your septic, cesspool or sewer line. This happens over and over during the winter and during the spring, summer and fall. Faster after rain or melting snow. Now add the water from underground sprinklers.

What can you do to avoid a life treating injury from a caved in cesspool?

     First thing to do is to find the exact location and the exact footprint of your septic tank, cesspool or sewer line. Next to locate all underground structures buried on the property and make a map of their exact location. Notice how we used the word exact location and not general location or the area location. 

Next, If after a heavy rain or snow you find a small void in the ground or a sunken in area, STAY FAR AWAY and put up caution tape to keep people away from it and do not forget about that if you chose to not figure out what is going on below ground that made this happen, That you would be fully responsible for anybody or anything that gets hurt on your property and that means you will lose everything.

     If you would like for us to come out and locate all that is on your property, Go to our website
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Monday, February 26, 2018

Suffolk County Cesspool: Why do you want somebody in your family to DIE on your property?

     That is the real question. Why would anybody want somebody to die on their property when it can be stopped?
     Do you know what happens when anybody dies on your property?  What would your neighbors think when they hear what happened?

     Drowning inside a cesspool that caved in is a nightmare that can be avoided. Most educated septic tank and cesspool owners will do whatever it takes to not have somebody drown in a caved in cesspool.

     If somebody died on your property, Your neighbors will know and they will be interviewed by the Police to find out just why you let this happen.

     Got a Lawyer to represent you? You will need one and they are not cheap.

     Not knowing where your septic tank and all the cesspools on your property will not be a excuse that gets you out of legal problems.

     What MUST you do?

      One thing is to locate ALL your septic tanks and cesspools on your property and inspect them OR stay FAR AWAY from them as they may cave in anytime.

     Think i'm kidding? How would you like to drown inside a caved in cesspool?

Give us a call and let us locate your septic tank and all your cesspools without a backhoe or any digging.

     We could be saving your life.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

90 % of Home Buyers are setting themselves up to be homeless by listening to their Real Estate Agent.

     Very sad fact but a true fact.  If you are looking at any home, almost every Real Estate agent will do anything and say anything to get you to buy a home, and that means NOT telling you KNOWN problems that would get in the way of selling the home.  If you ever read the fine print that goes along with buying a car, It will state that the sales person can lie thru their teeth and tell you stuff to buy a car and whatever they said to get you to buy that car is null and void when you sign the contract. The same thing goes for a home. If it is not written into the contract, Do not believe what a Real Estate Agent says.  That "New Roof"  when it leaks and you call your real estate agent to see what can be done, They will just tell you to read the contract YOU signed.

     Sad that once they have your money they do not have time for you. What is the Home buyer to do? I strongly advice to steer clear of home inspectors and hire contractors to specialize in a trade to inspect that trade. You will get the truth when you hire highly one trade eyes to inspect that trade and not somebody who took a class.

     When it comes to the location of your Septic Tank,Cesspool, Drain Lines ect , Calling a company like us who specializes in No Dig locating is your best bet.

     Remember,  Real Estate agents are not paying the mortgage on that home, You are and the more information you have on the home the better for you and if you choose not to call us and your Septic Tank or Cesspool caves in and somebody gets hurt or dies in it,  SORRY, You should have taken our advice and not the real estate's who won't return your many calls.

     Give us a call to locate the septic tank or cesspools on every home you like BEFORE you sign anything. You could be saving a life.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Below freezing Temps and your underground ticking time bomb.

     The last month or so the temps have been below freezing and we actually have a frost down about 4 feet down. The ground is frozen but below that the temp rises to 55 degrees. The ground is also in a constant state of movement. For Block and old pre cast Septic Tanks and Cesspools, THIS IS VERY BAD!

     Movement for old Septic Tanks, Cesspools and old  "Safe" Pre Cast Septic Tanks and Cesspools will make them cave in and you would not know it until somebody dies in them ! When a cesspool or septic tank caves in and the land bridge stays in tacked  above it, You would not know there is a problem until its too late and somebody is dead . The land bridge can only hold so much weight and it is 4 feet thick or alot less. If its frozen, It can hold some weight BUT if it is freezing solid then above freezing temps hit, The land bridge is being weakened on the top side and the bottom side.
     Having somebody die on your property is not good and what will you tell your family that a loved one died in a cesspool or septic tank on your property AND you and your families life will be changed and not for the good when the Town, County, officials come knocking along with the police  investigating who is at fault, And YOU will be found at fault and your homeowners insurance will not cover you or pay for any lawsuits on your property.

     The only way of protecting yourself is to know where exactly where your Septic Tank or Cesspools are and to STAY AWAY from the area all together and FENCE IN OFF from the rest of your property.

     Not good news to hear BUT you need to know this BEFORE somebody dies on your property.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Home buying and buried lies

     Home buying and buried lies  is a major problem 99 % of all home buyers must be concerned about.  You can see the home BUT can you see what is buried underground and what is the past homeowner and real estate agents not telling you ?

Listen in and learn !