Monday, October 9, 2017

Septic Tank Cesspool locating before the winter snow is a must !

     Locating your septic tank and cesspools before the winter snow is a must for  many reasons. One of them is that when it does snow and you have a old system (25 plus years or older) The added weight may cave in your septic tank or cesspool ! A covered up septic tank or cesspool will rot from the inside out and this rot will break down the material the septic tank or cesspool was made from. Snow has weight to it and it does weight even more when it melts or when a wet snow falls. The slush to a septic tank or cesspools is a nightmare weight wise. Ever have a snowball fight with slush and notice how heavy it is? How about shoveling the slush off your driveway? Slush is heavy and the weight is enough to cave in your septic tank and cesspools, So why is important to know where your septic tank and cesspools are before the winter?

     If you know where your septic tank and cesspools are before the winter snow, You can stay away from the area, Not pile snow nearby and make sure your Letter carrier, USPS, Fed X or anybody to keep a distance from your septic tank or cesspools. A cave in septic tank or cesspool cave in will kill and have killed in the past. Do you want that on your property? Do you want your family to remember that when they think of your home?

     Give us a call and let us locate ALL septic tanks and cesspools on your property before the winter.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

What you don't "See" May bankrupt your checkbook when buying a home !

     Buying your next home may just bankrupt your life savings if you do not call us first to locate your septic tank, cesspools, sewer line, septic tank and cesspools to your gas, water electric lines !

     What is in your ground and the location of it is more important to your future then the home you picked !

     What is way too common when shopping for real estate is that everybody will focus on the home, its location, price, schools ect and plan on remodeling it before they own it and put their hopes and dreams into it, Then move in and start to make it their dream home and then find out that a septic tank, cesspool or drywells are in the way and will stop them from building or repairing their home?

     Would'nt that be nice to know BEFORE you signed on the dotted line?

     Thats where we come in. We work for you and NOT the Real Estate agent or past homeowner, Just you. We will listen to your dreams and tell you what can and can't be done after we locate everything on the property.

     It's better to know that your dream home will be a nightmare before you buy it. Too many homes are hiding too many problems that will cost many thousands to repair.

     Give us a call and let us inspect all your real estate interests and give you a crystal clear picture of your future.

                                  Call us now before it's too late and you wished you did !


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Let us save your landscape and your bank account !

When you have to locate your septic tank or cesspools, let us do it and save your landscape and keep money in your pocket!

     Did you ever see how much damage a backhoe does on a beautiful landscape when trying to locate a septic tank or cesspools ?

     We have and this is why we developed our own no dig system of locating your septic tank and cesspools!

     YES no dig ! Remember no dig septic tank and cesspool locating means NO EXPENSIVE landscape ruining backhoe !

     We get calls from out of state for us to locate their "lost"  septic tanks, cesspools to sewers and storm drains and even buried manholes !

Give us a call and let the only professional no dig septic tank and cesspool locating company locate your septic tank, cesspools, sewers, storm drains and manholes now before your landscape is ruined by a backhoe!

                               Check out our website for more landscape saving details


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Septic Cesspool Real Estate Inspection Service and why you need them from us.

     Your dream home can become a big nightmare real fast after you sign on the dotted line before you get a Septic Cesspool Real Estate Inspection Service by us and us only.
     A home is a investment for you, Your family and the community. This is where your memories will start and last the rest of your families life. This is where it all begins, So why not know when house shopping, What nightmares and headaches are in your future if you buy your home? What if you had information that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars BEFORE you signed on the dotted line? Information from us will help you make the best choice for your family and your bank account and not for the past owners or real estate agents. We work with you and you only as you are our client and not your real estate agent or past homeowner.

     We look and use advanced technology to see what is in the ground without a backhoe, With you, our client in mind and your needs and not the needs of the real estate agents or past homeowner.

     We locate drain lines to see where they go ad if they maybe a future problem that the Real Estate or the homeowner "Forgot" to tell you.

     We listen to YOU and your future plans with any home you call us to inspect and tell you exactly what we see and any problems in your future if you buy the home.

     Let us help you build solid family memories and not major septic, cesspool or drain line nightmares with your real estate purchase.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Signs when you should invest in Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating.

      Your Septic Tank or Cesspool system is the heart of your toilet. Without a working septic tank or cesspool system, You can't flush your toilet, You can't shower or do laundry for DAYS to WEEKS if you wait for Mother Nature to do her magic.

     But why wait till you can't flush your toilet? By then it's too late. Every non working septic tank or cesspool system always gives clues before total failure.

     But what are the signs everybody should look out for?  Slow tub or Shower drains, Basement drains overflowing every now and then, to smell outside your home.

     These are just a few signs it's time to call us to locate your septic tank or cesspool system. A full septic tank or cesspool system will cause thousands in damages to your home if you do not know where your system is and you have to wait for a  landscape ruining backhoe to locate it.

     We developed a system to locate any septic tank or cesspool system without a landscape ruining very expensive backhoe.

                                            Check out our website to learn more.


     The time to locate your septic tank or cesspool system is before you have a problem.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating BEATS Peanut Butter on Pancakes !

 Yes, Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating BEATS any day Peanut Butter on Pancakes ! Yes, It's true!

     It's Monday morning and your getting ready to get work and you try to take a shower and the water is not going down, So you get out and try to flush your toilet and it won't flush. BUT today is the big meeting and you have to get to work so you call a septic tank and cesspool company to pump your system and they can't find it and they say they have to bring in their landscape ruining backhoe to destroy your brand new very expensive landscape you just had installed!

As you scream NOOOOOOOOO!, You then call Ranger Sewer to locate your septic tank and cesspool without destroying your expensive landscape, And you get to shower like you are on vacation !

Let Ranger Sewer locate your Septic Tank, Cesspool and DrainLines BEFORE you have a problem, So nobody destroys your expensive landscape !

     Does Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes?  A flushing toilet and a working septic tank and cesspool located by Ranger Sewer without ruining your landscape does anyday!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Drain Pipe Locating

Drain Pipe Locating is a hard job that you must be 100 % accurate on every job. It is not a hit or miss job. It is not a guessing job like other companies treat it but then again they are spending your money to waste time and guess !
     Locating a buried drain pipe in concrete that you have to break up to get to is hard work. Now what would you do if the company you called marked where they thought the pipe was and you broke up the concrete and it was not there? We have been the second company many of our clients have called till they see that we find the pipe every time then we are their first call.

     Drain Pipe Locating is a ART and not a job. Just like locating a septic tank or cesspools, You must be accurate 100 % of the time.

 We made it easy over the years by the systems we developed. We can locate any size line in soil, concrete or behind a wall. We even get calls from other companies to find what they can't.

     Let us locate any drain pipe, septic tank, cesspool to any pipe you need to find.