Friday, December 30, 2016

Homeowner's guide to what to do before ANY digging is done on your property.

    One thing for sure is how dangerous it is to own a piece of property in Nassau or Suffolk County New York on Long Island in NY.
    Dangerous? How can that be?  Underground Utilities like your Gas, Water, Electric, Sewer, Storm Drains to Oil lines, Are buried and forgotten about until it's too late and a Homeowner or a Excavator takes that shovel and hits a Utility line.
     After a mad scramble to find a valve to shut it off, You discover it is between your home and the street and you have to call the utility to come and turn it off and then they will fix it .  Well kind of.
     What will happen is that if you call the utility, They will call the Cops who will send over the local fire department who will also alert the local code enforcement who all will be paying you a visit.
     Happy that they all showed up to help you, Here is where the problems start:
     Problem one is when the utility shuts the utility off, They will either fix it on the spot or get a crew over there to fix it, And it will not be free. You will pay for it and pay you will. Not just a few hundred dollars but many many thousand dollars that your homeowner insurance will not cover.
    Next will be Code Enforcement asking you for proof of calling anybody for a complete utility mark out and if you have a excavator doing the work, They will be asked also for proof of a mark out. If your Excavator did not call for a Utility Mark Out, You will be responsible for everything done on your property by anybody and it will not be cheap.
     Don't forget the town, utility or county may file a lawsuit to find out what happened and who is responsible and fine them and it will be you.

     This could be your future and it will if you do not call for a utility mark out. Utility Mark Outs are cheap compared paying for Lawyers, and repairs by a utility company.

     The grounds are very busy, How lucky do you feel?