Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017 "hunt"

     Our Easter Day hunt started with a frantic phone call from a Woman:

     " I lost my Mother In Laws necklace in the back yard while hiding Easter Eggs for the children. I need to find the necklace way before my Mother in Law shows up for Easter, How fast can you get here?"

     I got the address and broke speed limits to get way out east as fast as I could. Upon arrival I had a very short conversation  with the woman who called. She looked very worried and pale with fear of not finding it in time or not at all. She had no idea where she lost it. My heart sunk but I know i had to try every tick in our book to find this necklace.

     I broke out some equipment and started to locate.  First hour, Nothing. Second Hour nothing. I even got worried.  At the beginning of the third hour, BINGO! I marked the area and got her over there to pick it out of the overgrown backyard, Way in the back. She even forgot she went back there and we even went to their security cameras to find out when she walked back there. 2 days before was the last time she walked back there!

     This is a very special necklace and not because it came from her Mother In Law, But it's history behind it and how it was handed down over the years to a family member. I even got to see pictures of other family members with it on. This was part of their family history.

     If you lose something andneed to find it, Give us a call to help!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who is the owner of this pipe?

     Got a unusual call today from two neighbors who have a pipe making a loop out of the ground then going back into the ground, Right on the property line. The neighbors where not fighting and a matter of fact, real good friends and very  very funny. The real question was , where does this strange pipe go since one end went towards one house and the other end went to the other house.

     I located the pipe underground and marked out the area of other stuff in the ground. This pipe was not hooked to anything and a "dead" pipe.I knew there must be a story until a very old neighbor came over and told us it. The two homes where owned by one family who farmed and had a giant Greenhouse and this pipe fed water to the Green House. Why was there a loop in the pipe?  for the heck of it!

     Mystery solved !

If you got a mystery pipe, Give us a call to help you solve it !

Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Nobody can find our Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up"

       "Nobody can find out Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up." That is how the call started. "We tried and paid thousands to find our Septic and Cesspool and nobody can find it, We have been living with using as little water as possible for too long, Can you come out and TRY to find it?"

     We drove out to the east end of long island to the home. Avery private home with it's own gate,Long driveway upto a home out of a magazine designed by a well known Architect. Beautiful home is a gross understatement.

     After a short conversation I went into the basement to locate the house trap to discover that is was a finished basement. I got behind the walls and found the housetrap buried in a tight area. When I told the homeowners what and where I found they looked puzzled and said that nobody looked back there and even in that area of the home.

     I went outside to find no fresh air vent cover and a paved driveway. I pulled out a few pieces of equipmewnt and located the system using a system we developed and marked out the area. The homeowners went and got shovels and removed the bricks  and dug down 2 feet to hit the septic tank then did the same for the cesspools. System beyond full. Very happy people.

     We did not charge thousands to find their Septic and Cesspools but we found it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No Dig Septic,Cesspool locates.

     We locate Septic Tanks and Cesspools everyday for people who do not want to ruin their landscape to locate and service their Septic Tank and Cesspools and we also locate Septic Tanks and Cesspools for others who can not find where they are and they need to know.

     Our success rate is 98.7 % and this is do to the fact we have it down to a science and not guesswork. We use high tech equipment along with 30 plus years in the Septic and Cesspool industry to outperform all other companies who try to locate your Septic Tanks and Cesspools.

    We have located septic tanks and cesspools even 3 homes away to even 35 feet down deep! Many homes are built over their onsite sanitary systems too that we have found and the homeowners did not know that!

     If you or others can not find your Septic Tank or Cesspools, We can and do!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Can you find our ring?

The phone call started like this:

     "Do you locate things? Yes we do, Thinking this was some sort of emergency call , and that somebody could not find a shut off after a pipe was hit and maybe the water could not be turned off and damages where adding up so they decided to call.

     " I lost a ring when walking outside in my back yard and we can't find it, I do not know where I lost it as it slipped off my finger and I noticed it gone when I went into my home to wash my hands, How fast can you get here as my Lawyer and the Insurance Company are on their way here. I need you here now to find this, I NEED YOU HERE NOW, I can't lose this ring!"

     I loaded up and headed towards the east end town on Long Island as fast as I could and when I got there and walked up the driveway I was mobbed by many people from the Insurance Company and her personal Lawyer. Both talking legal stuff to me and one over the other until I said I need to see the person who called who lost the ring and let me talk with her for a few and get some important details.

     They followed me into the home as I tried to talk to the Woman who called me. The Lawyers both kept on interrupting her until I had to tell them to just stop and get out of the home so I can listen to her and get some details. Her personal 24 hour security made them leave.  Thank God for security.

     After getting some information I understood why all the lawyers and how important this ring is to all involved. I told her to tell the lawyers to keep off the grass in the area where it maybe and to keep back 500 feet away from me at all times until I tell them to come to me.After doing a grid search for the item, I get a hit and I shine my flashlight into the grass and there it was. Now I know why.  I placed a marker next to the object and went and got the Owner of the ring and took her to the ring and let her pick it up. She put it back on her finger and cried. Now it all made sense. This is a very important ring.
     We walked back into the home and sat in the kitchen, Had a cup of coffee and heard the history of this ring. This ring had to be found. This was not just another job, This was a honor.