Thursday, November 23, 2017

What did Santa really mean when he says HO HO HO ?

     Every year at Christmas we all hear Santa screaming out his famous Ho Ho Ho  all over the world. Nobody ever  looked into just why Santa is belting out his famous greeting.

     We decided to look into it  and dig very deep into how this came about.  When we did our investigations, Interviews and left no stone unturned.

     We warn you, What we discovered will shock you. If you have any small children please do not let them read this.

          Santa for many many many years flew all over the world and have had a Birdseye  view of the Earth.

     What he has seen way too many times was when he landed his sleigh he see a BackHoe on the property ruining a beautiful landscape yard because the homeowners did not want to have their Septic Tank or Cesspools located way before a Septic or Cesspool emergency in Suffolk County Long Island NY, So his famous saying of Ho Ho Ho is really Backhoe Backhoe, Backhoe as he points to them !

     We do agree with Santa, If you do not know where your Septic Tank or Cesspools are before a emergency and not just a general area but a exact spot where each Septic Tank Or Cesspool is,  You have a major repair bill and a major landscape bill and  your neighbors laughing.

     Please call us before a Septic Tank or Cesspool emergency to have us locate your Septic Tank or Cesspools in Suffolk County Long Island NY area.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hamptons, How much do you want to pay somebody to ruin your landscape with a backhoe?

     A septic cesspool emergency in Suffolk County Long Island can happen anytime and it most likely  will happen around a holiday because of all the prep and cleaning then  when the friends and family arrive, Well water usage goes right thru the roof and if you do not know where your septic or cesspool is located in suffolk county long island and you have a housefull, A landscape ruining Backhoe may arrive to ruin your expensive landscape trying to locate where your septic tank or cesspools are so they can be serviced.

     Now what if you can do this all over again and locate your septic tank or cesspools before you have a housefull, Not ruin your expensive landscape and not have a bad holiday memory ?

     You can. Just call us even you are not having any septic or cesspool problems and have us locate your total system without ruining your expensive landscape. This way you will save money from not having a landscape ruining backhoe on your property and when you call a septic or cesspool pumping company to service it, You will know exactly where your septic or cesspool system is in the ground and no landscape ruining backhoe will be needed !

      Give us a call to locate your septic tank, cesspools or septic tank and cesspools  before you have any remote sign of a septic or cesspool problem at 631-368-0901

Friday, November 17, 2017

Did you invite a Backhoe to your family's Thanksgiving dinner?

     It happens every year. You plan on every little detail. The Turkey, The trimmings to what would everybody drink and where will they sit. No stoned left unturned, But you forgot something that will ruin it every single time.

     Your septic tank or cesspools have been working overtime to keep up with what you and your family have been "Flushing" at it. The system is full and you do not know exactly where your septic tank or cesspools are and how you would get into them to get them pumped out. You call a company who see major money signs flashing before their eyes and out of your wallet. To find your septic tank or cesspools fast before Thanksgiving, They will get a backhoe there to ruin your landscape and charge you big bucks to do that as fast as they can and YOU end up making a spot at the dinner table for a backhoe.

Just call us way before any septic tank, cesspool or sewer emergencies and you will save having your Thanksgiving and landscape ruined.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

In Suffolk County NY,Not knowing exactly where your Septic or Cesspool system can get somebody killed!

     Turning a blind eye to where exactly your cesspools or septic tank is may  get somebody killed on your property.

     In older homes, Before 1980, Homemade block cesspools and septic tanks where installed and buried. Over the years the cement rots and the whole system gets weaker. This "Eating" of the cement does not stop at the cement blocks. The cement blocks or cesspool blocks rot and get weaker and weaker to where they just crumble with no signs from above ground until somebody or some animal walks across it and what is left of the septic tank or cesspools cave in taking you with it.  For the record, Very few people survive a cesspool or septic tank cave in. They will get buried alive and below the water level and die a horrible very preventable death. Drowning in a cesspool or a septic tank is no joke and the homeowner will be responsible and their homeowners insurance will not protect them. You will lose everything you own after the lawyers are done.

     Suffolk County NY has some old homes with block cesspools, homemade cesspools and homemade septic tanks, Turning a blind eye to them and where they are will not hold up in Court.

     Make a appointment to get your septic tank, cesspools or any type of onsite or larger sanitary system located BEFORE a accident happens.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Suffolk County Cesspool Locating: Call US before you have a Back Up !

The worst time to locate your Suffolk County Cesspool is when you have a back up ! Calling a septic pumping company, cesspool pumping company or a sanitary pumping company when you have a cesspool back up or a septic back up is that is when a landscape ruining backhoe will be called to ruin your landscape above your septic tank, septic, cesspool or sanitary system and costing thousands to locate and service your suffolk county cesspool, septic tank or sanitary then costing many more thousands to fix your landscape ! It can get so expensive to locate your septic tank, cesspool or sanitary system when you have a problem when you don't know exactly where it is. Having a idea where it maybe is a guess and equal to not knowing and not knowing means a expensive backhoe is in your future along with new landscaping.

Call us to locate your suffolk county septic tank, cesspool, sanitary system or sewer line, main line or any drain line BEFORE your backup. You will save thousands!

                                Check out our website for tips on how to locate your suffolk county septic tank, cesspool or sanitary system today !


Friday, October 27, 2017

Drain Line locating Suffolk County Long Island NY

Drain line locating in Suffolk County Long Island can be very hard to do unless you have decades of experience  using a system you developed. It takes many many many years of locating drain lines to develop a system to be dead on every time and not "Hit and Miss" like other companies and that is why other companies in Suffolk County call us to locate their septic, cesspools and drain lines.

     Drain lines disappear when soil or concrete is put on top of them and memories and almost never close as time seems to move all things buried ! Unless there is above marker of some sort, all bets are off and where you think the pipe was equals more money out of your pocket in one way or another.

     We had many people call us when their contractor spent days with a jackhammer breaking up their basement to find a line to find out the line goes somewhere else ! Still the property owner got the bill for 2 days of jackhammering the floor!

     How do you save money? By calling us first !


Septic Cesspool locating: Nobody can find it without a backhoe.

 Septic and Cesspools can be anywhere in any property and can even be in your next door neighbor's yard and they do not even know it !
     Most times people call a septic pumping company after a system backs up and has somebody come out and bang a bar into the ground all over for hours on end to hopefully hit your septic tank or cesspool and that costs alot of money and destroys your property besides the very high risk of hitting a gas, water or electric or anything that is in the ground and very expensive to fix.

     We call that guessing.

We don't guess where your septic tank or cesspool is, We find it using a system  we developed over the years to locate your septic tank or cesspools without any damage to your landscape !

Just how do we do it?   We won't tell BUT you can enjoy our services and our work.

Give us a call before your septic tank or cesspool backs up and let us locate the system so you can save money and dig up the covers by hand or have someone else do it for you.  Either way, You save your landscape when you call Ranger Sewer to locate your septic tank or cesspool.

                                                           Ranger Sewer

Monday, October 9, 2017

Septic Tank Cesspool locating before the winter snow is a must !

     Locating your septic tank and cesspools before the winter snow is a must for  many reasons. One of them is that when it does snow and you have a old system (25 plus years or older) The added weight may cave in your septic tank or cesspool ! A covered up septic tank or cesspool will rot from the inside out and this rot will break down the material the septic tank or cesspool was made from. Snow has weight to it and it does weight even more when it melts or when a wet snow falls. The slush to a septic tank or cesspools is a nightmare weight wise. Ever have a snowball fight with slush and notice how heavy it is? How about shoveling the slush off your driveway? Slush is heavy and the weight is enough to cave in your septic tank and cesspools, So why is important to know where your septic tank and cesspools are before the winter?

     If you know where your septic tank and cesspools are before the winter snow, You can stay away from the area, Not pile snow nearby and make sure your Letter carrier, USPS, Fed X or anybody to keep a distance from your septic tank or cesspools. A cave in septic tank or cesspool cave in will kill and have killed in the past. Do you want that on your property? Do you want your family to remember that when they think of your home?

     Give us a call and let us locate ALL septic tanks and cesspools on your property before the winter.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

What you don't "See" May bankrupt your checkbook when buying a home !

     Buying your next home may just bankrupt your life savings if you do not call us first to locate your septic tank, cesspools, sewer line, septic tank and cesspools to your gas, water electric lines !

     What is in your ground and the location of it is more important to your future then the home you picked !

     What is way too common when shopping for real estate is that everybody will focus on the home, its location, price, schools ect and plan on remodeling it before they own it and put their hopes and dreams into it, Then move in and start to make it their dream home and then find out that a septic tank, cesspool or drywells are in the way and will stop them from building or repairing their home?

     Would'nt that be nice to know BEFORE you signed on the dotted line?

     Thats where we come in. We work for you and NOT the Real Estate agent or past homeowner, Just you. We will listen to your dreams and tell you what can and can't be done after we locate everything on the property.

     It's better to know that your dream home will be a nightmare before you buy it. Too many homes are hiding too many problems that will cost many thousands to repair.

     Give us a call and let us inspect all your real estate interests and give you a crystal clear picture of your future.

                                  Call us now before it's too late and you wished you did !


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Let us save your landscape and your bank account !

When you have to locate your septic tank or cesspools, let us do it and save your landscape and keep money in your pocket!

     Did you ever see how much damage a backhoe does on a beautiful landscape when trying to locate a septic tank or cesspools ?

     We have and this is why we developed our own no dig system of locating your septic tank and cesspools!

     YES no dig ! Remember no dig septic tank and cesspool locating means NO EXPENSIVE landscape ruining backhoe !

     We get calls from out of state for us to locate their "lost"  septic tanks, cesspools to sewers and storm drains and even buried manholes !

Give us a call and let the only professional no dig septic tank and cesspool locating company locate your septic tank, cesspools, sewers, storm drains and manholes now before your landscape is ruined by a backhoe!

                               Check out our website for more landscape saving details


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Septic Cesspool Real Estate Inspection Service and why you need them from us.

     Your dream home can become a big nightmare real fast after you sign on the dotted line before you get a Septic Cesspool Real Estate Inspection Service by us and us only.
     A home is a investment for you, Your family and the community. This is where your memories will start and last the rest of your families life. This is where it all begins, So why not know when house shopping, What nightmares and headaches are in your future if you buy your home? What if you had information that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars BEFORE you signed on the dotted line? Information from us will help you make the best choice for your family and your bank account and not for the past owners or real estate agents. We work with you and you only as you are our client and not your real estate agent or past homeowner.

     We look and use advanced technology to see what is in the ground without a backhoe, With you, our client in mind and your needs and not the needs of the real estate agents or past homeowner.

     We locate drain lines to see where they go ad if they maybe a future problem that the Real Estate or the homeowner "Forgot" to tell you.

     We listen to YOU and your future plans with any home you call us to inspect and tell you exactly what we see and any problems in your future if you buy the home.

     Let us help you build solid family memories and not major septic, cesspool or drain line nightmares with your real estate purchase.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Signs when you should invest in Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating.

      Your Septic Tank or Cesspool system is the heart of your toilet. Without a working septic tank or cesspool system, You can't flush your toilet, You can't shower or do laundry for DAYS to WEEKS if you wait for Mother Nature to do her magic.

     But why wait till you can't flush your toilet? By then it's too late. Every non working septic tank or cesspool system always gives clues before total failure.

     But what are the signs everybody should look out for?  Slow tub or Shower drains, Basement drains overflowing every now and then, to smell outside your home.

     These are just a few signs it's time to call us to locate your septic tank or cesspool system. A full septic tank or cesspool system will cause thousands in damages to your home if you do not know where your system is and you have to wait for a  landscape ruining backhoe to locate it.

     We developed a system to locate any septic tank or cesspool system without a landscape ruining very expensive backhoe.

                                            Check out our website to learn more.


     The time to locate your septic tank or cesspool system is before you have a problem.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Why Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating BEATS Peanut Butter on Pancakes !

 Yes, Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating BEATS any day Peanut Butter on Pancakes ! Yes, It's true!

     It's Monday morning and your getting ready to get work and you try to take a shower and the water is not going down, So you get out and try to flush your toilet and it won't flush. BUT today is the big meeting and you have to get to work so you call a septic tank and cesspool company to pump your system and they can't find it and they say they have to bring in their landscape ruining backhoe to destroy your brand new very expensive landscape you just had installed!

As you scream NOOOOOOOOO!, You then call Ranger Sewer to locate your septic tank and cesspool without destroying your expensive landscape, And you get to shower like you are on vacation !

Let Ranger Sewer locate your Septic Tank, Cesspool and DrainLines BEFORE you have a problem, So nobody destroys your expensive landscape !

     Does Septic Tank and Cesspool Locating beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes?  A flushing toilet and a working septic tank and cesspool located by Ranger Sewer without ruining your landscape does anyday!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Drain Pipe Locating

Drain Pipe Locating is a hard job that you must be 100 % accurate on every job. It is not a hit or miss job. It is not a guessing job like other companies treat it but then again they are spending your money to waste time and guess !
     Locating a buried drain pipe in concrete that you have to break up to get to is hard work. Now what would you do if the company you called marked where they thought the pipe was and you broke up the concrete and it was not there? We have been the second company many of our clients have called till they see that we find the pipe every time then we are their first call.

     Drain Pipe Locating is a ART and not a job. Just like locating a septic tank or cesspools, You must be accurate 100 % of the time.

 We made it easy over the years by the systems we developed. We can locate any size line in soil, concrete or behind a wall. We even get calls from other companies to find what they can't.

     Let us locate any drain pipe, septic tank, cesspool to any pipe you need to find.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Septic Tank locating without damage to your landscape !

     Septic Tank locating to properly clean your septic tank when the septic tank system is not known can be a major maintenance problem. Most people wait till it's too late to service a septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield system before calling for service.   We advise all our clients to locate their septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield and know exactly where the covers are, and if the covers are too deep, to raise them to grade or just below grade so when a septic tank emergency does happen, Getting to the septic tank, cesspool or leachfield system is quick , easy and less mess.

     When the location of a septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield  is not known and a emergency happens, A landscape ruining backhoe must be used or internal damage to the property will occur.

     Most septic , septic tank and cesspool companies use a very outdated locating system using a metal bar and pounding it into the ground to locate your septic, septic tank , septic tank and leachfield or cesspools. This very old outdated system puts your gas service, water service, electric service to your buried oil tanks and sprinkler system in jeopardy of massive expensive damage that you the homeowner will be paying to repair. Damage will occur using this old outdated system !

     There are systems we developed over our 30 plus years of locating septic tanks, cesspools and septic tanks and cesspools that do not damage your property at all !

     Let us come out and locate your septic tank, septic tank and leachfield and your cesspools BEFORE a emergency.  We do locate septic tanks, septic tank and leachfield and septic tank and cesspools when a emergency does happen. Either way , You are saving your landscape, gas, water, electric lines to your oil tank when you call us to locate your septic cesspool system.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cesspool Septic locating without a Backhoe !

Cesspool Septic locating is not a easy job and most to nearly all other cesspool septic companies rely on their Backhoe to locate your septic tank or cesspool.  Locating your cesspool or septic with a Backhoe will ruin your landscape. Most cesspool septic companies who call in their moneymaker landscape ruining Backhoe honestly do not know where your septic tank or cesspool is and want to dig up your septic tank or cesspool line then trench and ruin your landscape all the way to your septic tank or cesspool and charge you for a new septic tank or cesspool line.

     Locating your septic tank or cesspool this way is very old technology that most septic tank and cesspool companies use.

     A Backhoe is great for ruining your landscape and installing a new main line from your home to your septic tank or cesspool system, and installing a new septic tank or cesspool system and that is it.

     We at Ranger Sewer locate all septic tank or cesspool systems to the exact spot it is and unlike other companies, We don't guess till the Backhoe shows up,We let technology do the work.

Let us locate your Septic Tank or Cesspool system and save your landscape!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We can "See" behind walls and Floors !

Pre Construction mapping of walls and floors , With and Without surface mark outs are the norm  requested by any respectable Home Improvement or Construction company in the United States today. Gone are the days of guessing before a estimate is given.

     With our services , We can help take out the surprise headache that may put your budget way over and help you decide if the risk is worth it or not. We put YOU in control and help you see what  is behind the walls and floors.

Do not gamble on your construction or home improvement product and call us way before you call your contractor and if your contractor does not recommend our services, It maybe time to change contractors.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to save a TON of money when you have a Septic or Cesspool problem in Suffolk County NY!

     Who plans for emergencies ?  Not many and that it is why they are called emergencies , They just happen when you least expect it.

How do you save money during a emergency?

     Septic, Cesspools and sewer emergencies  are true emergencies and when you need to save money, A clear head will win out over  losing it.

Septic and Cesspool companies make alot of money on locating septic and cesspool locates and charge alot more then a arm and a leg and a few out there will even take your house and first born if you let them !

     Septic, Cesspool and Sewer emergencies do happen and we do not operate like many other companies who take advantage of your misfortune. This is why we have many repeat business and referrals from our clients.

Here is your answer:

     Call us FIRST way before you call any Septic or Cesspool company to come out and locate your system. Let us locate your Septic, Cesspool or Sewer system and let them service your Septic or Cesspool system.  By doing this, You are saving many hundreds of your hard earned money.

We will tell you exactly where your covers are and you can either dig them up yourself or have the Septic or Cesspool company dig them up themselves.

Locating Septic, Cesspools, Drain Lines, and Sewers is what we do. Call us today to set up appointment at 631-368-0901 or visit out website at

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why risk blowing up your home?

     Why risk blowing up your home? Everyday on long island somebody is taking that risk . Why ? Because the homeowner does not know that if you call a service and they start to use metal bar to locate anything underground, They can hit your gas or water line and either flood or blow up your home!

     If you feel it is a acceptable risk to go slamming rods into the ground to locate anything in the ground BEFORE a utility mark out, well leave this page now.

     Many companies in Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island NY  use a probe method to go locate  underground systems without calling for code required Utility Mark out. This is very dangerous and very unsafe.

     With the grounds on Long Island being so busy, It is not hard to hit a gas, water or electric lines underground! AND to top it all off,  With so many new ways to install Gas, Water  or Electric lines with less excavation, It is easy to make a install look like nothing was done !

     If the Contractor you hired refuses to call for a Utility Mark Out,  Tell them to leave,

     A Utility Mark Out before any work is done may safe your home or your family's life.

If you need a Private Utility Markout done on your property, Give us a call !

Friday, June 30, 2017

Tips for homeowners before you dig anywhere on your property

      Plan, Plan, Plan before you dig anywhere on your property. Gas, Water, Electric, Oil, Propane, To septic, sewer, or storm drain lines could be anywhere under your feet! The ground is very busy and in most states, You do not need the homeowners permission to run, repair or install any gas, water, electric lines to storm or sewer lines or work.

     I wish I was kidding with you. The ground under our feet is very "busy" so taking care and planning your project to avoid a major nightmare can save you thousands and could save your life!

From Ground Penetrating Radar, Deep Scan, Blind Scans to Direct Connect locates, We have the tools to find what is in your ground., So give us a call today.

Friday, June 23, 2017

You must do this before you rent or buy a home !

     There are many things you must do before you rent, buy a home, a piece of property or a rental income property besides move in.

     You must locate all gas, water, electric, buried tanks and deep scan the entire property,Locate the septic system or sewer line AND locate all emergency shut off valves and switches.

     Trying to find the above in a emergency is very stressful and costly. It's a gut wrenching horror running around trying to FIND emergency shut off vales when you do not know where to look !

     We make it easy for you and find them BEFORE a emergency for you and save you money because during a emergency, Time is money.

     Go to our website to learn more:

We are waiting for your call.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why should a Homeowner care where their buried gas, water or electric are?

     Short answer: Because your family will miss you if you don't miss that gas, water or electric line!

Now for the long answer:

     Our land has become very busy with utilities  being installed under our feet and with the many new no dig ways to install utilities  you may never know they where ever there! You go to work and so do utility companies installing gas, water, electric lines without even stepping onto your property or even digging on your property, and when done, Clean up and leave before you come home. This happens a thousand times a day !

     Many codes state a minimum of 3 feet deep should be all utilities, BUT things happen and utility lines can drift up closer to the surface, and if you go and start that minor to a major project without calling for a utility mark out, YOU can get very hurt to even losing your life!  Do you want to do that to your family?

Always call for a mark out and it it is past your meter, call us to locate your utility lines before you dig and always dig safe !

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

East Hampton, We got you covered !

     East Hampton and all of Eastern Long Island, We got you covered !  If you need to locate your Septic Tank, Cesspool or any Gas, Water or Electric lines or you want us to do a Pre Purchase locate on your investment, Give us a call !

     The Hampton's and Eastern Long Island has their own set of Septic, Cesspool and Utility locating headaches that are not a problem for us. We even get recommended by many other companies in the septic, sewer, gas ,water electric to Plumbers to come out and locate what needs to be found !

     Our no dig locating services cut your repair costs down to as little as possible and your landscape does not get destroyed !

If you can't find it, We can !

Underground drain line locates BEFORE you did!

     Locating all drainlines on your property BEFORE you dig anything on your property or land is very important if you want to save money on your project.

     Drainlines can be anywhere on your property or dig site and hitting them opens up a can of worms that was not planed. Just like locating all your Gas, Water, Electric, Septic Tanks, Cesspools, Oil Tanks to every Propane Tank on your property, Your drain lines from your Septic or Cesspool, Sewer, Gutter to Storm drain lines must be located and known before any work is done to AVOID hitting them and having to stop work and get it fixed.

Drainlines are expensive to repair and costs alot less to not hit them.

Call us to locate them for you at 631-368-0901 or go to our website:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Private Suffolk County NY utility locator specializes in septic, cesspool locates!

We locate gas, water , electric services after the meter, Buried Drain lines and Water lines for plumbers AND specialize on locating Septic Systems of all types.

     We are the only NY Utility Locator who specialize in locating Septic tanks, Cesspools, Drainfields, Leachfields, Drain pipes, Storm Water systems, Storm Water drain lines , To Sewer pipes and sewer lines !

     If your cesspool or septic company can not find your septic tank, cesspools or any sanitary system on your property and wants to bring in a backhoe, Call us first !  Let us limit the damage to your property septic and cesspool companies will make and cal us to locate and mark out your system!

Check out our website:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A landscape project could kill you !

     Yes, Your next landscape project could kill you, and you could have avoid death if you wanted.  What would your loved ones say to your family and friends when they ask how did you die and when they hear  your death could have been avoided if you called for a utility mark out BEFORE you put that big box store shovel into the ground.

     The grounds under our feet almost everywhere are filled with Gas, Water, Electric, Oil, Steam or Sewer lines, That when hit, can cause a very, very painful death to all around. Not a good way to pass and a very easy one to avoid.

     What should any educated homeowner or land owner do?

Call for a Utility Mark Out, and make sure where your next landscape project is will be a good memory and not a nightmare for your family and friends.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rain and why you must know the location of your drywells

     Rain, We have no control of it and it comes and goes when it pleases and can cause major damage to your home and property. We can not control Mother Nature but we can help her do what she wants to do. We can beg all we want but Mother Nature plays by her rules.

     How can we make her happy and not control her but offer her "Advice"  to direct her unlimited power away from our homes?

     Here is the answer: We can't !
There are things we can do to move water away from our homes and keep her happy at the same time. One of the best piece of advice is to know where your gutters, drain lines and drywells are and where they go, and have them easy to get to at all times for emergency repairs. Drywells can hold alot of rainwater BUT Mother Nature calls ths shots and can fill them up fast at will. Having a secondary outlet that comes out of the last drywell from the Inspection Port that runs away and down hill and above the ground will keep water moving away from your home. This will water from backing up by your home if properly installed and give a unlimited amount of rainwater a place to go when your drywells are full. There are even fittings that will automatically open and close when your drywells are full to release rainwater away from your home that work well and blend in with any landscape !

     Knowing where all your drywells are located and drainlines will help keep your home rain free and water tight!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017 "hunt"

     Our Easter Day hunt started with a frantic phone call from a Woman:

     " I lost my Mother In Laws necklace in the back yard while hiding Easter Eggs for the children. I need to find the necklace way before my Mother in Law shows up for Easter, How fast can you get here?"

     I got the address and broke speed limits to get way out east as fast as I could. Upon arrival I had a very short conversation  with the woman who called. She looked very worried and pale with fear of not finding it in time or not at all. She had no idea where she lost it. My heart sunk but I know i had to try every tick in our book to find this necklace.

     I broke out some equipment and started to locate.  First hour, Nothing. Second Hour nothing. I even got worried.  At the beginning of the third hour, BINGO! I marked the area and got her over there to pick it out of the overgrown backyard, Way in the back. She even forgot she went back there and we even went to their security cameras to find out when she walked back there. 2 days before was the last time she walked back there!

     This is a very special necklace and not because it came from her Mother In Law, But it's history behind it and how it was handed down over the years to a family member. I even got to see pictures of other family members with it on. This was part of their family history.

     If you lose something andneed to find it, Give us a call to help!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who is the owner of this pipe?

     Got a unusual call today from two neighbors who have a pipe making a loop out of the ground then going back into the ground, Right on the property line. The neighbors where not fighting and a matter of fact, real good friends and very  very funny. The real question was , where does this strange pipe go since one end went towards one house and the other end went to the other house.

     I located the pipe underground and marked out the area of other stuff in the ground. This pipe was not hooked to anything and a "dead" pipe.I knew there must be a story until a very old neighbor came over and told us it. The two homes where owned by one family who farmed and had a giant Greenhouse and this pipe fed water to the Green House. Why was there a loop in the pipe?  for the heck of it!

     Mystery solved !

If you got a mystery pipe, Give us a call to help you solve it !

Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Nobody can find our Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up"

       "Nobody can find out Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up." That is how the call started. "We tried and paid thousands to find our Septic and Cesspool and nobody can find it, We have been living with using as little water as possible for too long, Can you come out and TRY to find it?"

     We drove out to the east end of long island to the home. Avery private home with it's own gate,Long driveway upto a home out of a magazine designed by a well known Architect. Beautiful home is a gross understatement.

     After a short conversation I went into the basement to locate the house trap to discover that is was a finished basement. I got behind the walls and found the housetrap buried in a tight area. When I told the homeowners what and where I found they looked puzzled and said that nobody looked back there and even in that area of the home.

     I went outside to find no fresh air vent cover and a paved driveway. I pulled out a few pieces of equipmewnt and located the system using a system we developed and marked out the area. The homeowners went and got shovels and removed the bricks  and dug down 2 feet to hit the septic tank then did the same for the cesspools. System beyond full. Very happy people.

     We did not charge thousands to find their Septic and Cesspools but we found it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No Dig Septic,Cesspool locates.

     We locate Septic Tanks and Cesspools everyday for people who do not want to ruin their landscape to locate and service their Septic Tank and Cesspools and we also locate Septic Tanks and Cesspools for others who can not find where they are and they need to know.

     Our success rate is 98.7 % and this is do to the fact we have it down to a science and not guesswork. We use high tech equipment along with 30 plus years in the Septic and Cesspool industry to outperform all other companies who try to locate your Septic Tanks and Cesspools.

    We have located septic tanks and cesspools even 3 homes away to even 35 feet down deep! Many homes are built over their onsite sanitary systems too that we have found and the homeowners did not know that!

     If you or others can not find your Septic Tank or Cesspools, We can and do!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Can you find our ring?

The phone call started like this:

     "Do you locate things? Yes we do, Thinking this was some sort of emergency call , and that somebody could not find a shut off after a pipe was hit and maybe the water could not be turned off and damages where adding up so they decided to call.

     " I lost a ring when walking outside in my back yard and we can't find it, I do not know where I lost it as it slipped off my finger and I noticed it gone when I went into my home to wash my hands, How fast can you get here as my Lawyer and the Insurance Company are on their way here. I need you here now to find this, I NEED YOU HERE NOW, I can't lose this ring!"

     I loaded up and headed towards the east end town on Long Island as fast as I could and when I got there and walked up the driveway I was mobbed by many people from the Insurance Company and her personal Lawyer. Both talking legal stuff to me and one over the other until I said I need to see the person who called who lost the ring and let me talk with her for a few and get some important details.

     They followed me into the home as I tried to talk to the Woman who called me. The Lawyers both kept on interrupting her until I had to tell them to just stop and get out of the home so I can listen to her and get some details. Her personal 24 hour security made them leave.  Thank God for security.

     After getting some information I understood why all the lawyers and how important this ring is to all involved. I told her to tell the lawyers to keep off the grass in the area where it maybe and to keep back 500 feet away from me at all times until I tell them to come to me.After doing a grid search for the item, I get a hit and I shine my flashlight into the grass and there it was. Now I know why.  I placed a marker next to the object and went and got the Owner of the ring and took her to the ring and let her pick it up. She put it back on her finger and cried. Now it all made sense. This is a very important ring.
     We walked back into the home and sat in the kitchen, Had a cup of coffee and heard the history of this ring. This ring had to be found. This was not just another job, This was a honor.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We have a giant hole under our driveway

 "We have a giant hole under our driveway".

     This is how the call started and they asked us to come out and locate where everything is on property because they have a giant hole under their less then a year old blacktop driveway.When I got to the property I remembered being here last year when they called me then when I got there they told me their contractor said they did not have to waste their money on my service. I remembered it well. This bad advice came back to bite them big time. I walked behind their nice home to see part of their brand new SUV sticking up in the air hood first. They said the dealer was sending a flatbed to pull it gently out of the hole. For the flatbed to do this, he will have to rip up their new landscape work that was not cheap. I looked into the hole to see it was a block cesspool that caved in and it was still active. I traced the whole system out then used our ground scan and found the system. This block cesspool was part of it.

     I asked if they called their contractor who told them not to waste their time with me and they said his phone number is turned off and can't find him anywhere.

     This bad advice from their contractor who they can't find  will cost them about 30 g's to solve.From fixing that brand new sport SUV, a new septic system and repairs to their driveway and i am sure it will have to be pulled up and redone to their landscape.

     If you do not know where your gas, water, electric to your septic, cesspool or sewer is , You better be calling us first to put this picture all together.

Visit our website:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Can you find our Septic Tank?

     We got a call from our new client about locating their Septic Tank. Nobody could find their Septic Tank even after spending thousands to find it,Nobody could find it.They had their yard dug up many times by others, but nobody could find their septic tank or even there complete septic system.

     After we got there and got the "Lay of the land" and walked around a bit with the clients, I figured out a few things. The house has been built onto many times and the first house was a summer cottage. They even got the pictures of the first house that was built on the land. Black and White photo.
     Just looking at the photo I knew I had bad news for them and that their house is built ontop of their sanitary system. Nobody even said anything like to them. They both got big smiles on their faces and they got me down into their basement and saw a mess that they had help clean up after each back up.  After a quick walk thru the basement I came up with a game plan to find this lost sanitary system. They just said do whatever you need to do to find it.  I located the upstairs toilet line and found a pvc clean out to open. I ran my cable down the drain and came to a stop. I located where exactly where the cable was and where it stopped and told the homeowner to break open the floor here and like people on a mission they did and removed the soil under it and found a cesspool cover and opened it up and it was overflowing.Their home was built over their sanitary system. They called a cesspool pumping company and they had it pumped  and we looked into it and found a line leaving the cesspool. I traced the line out to another cesspool and they broke up the floor and dug it up and got it pumped and we found another line and found a third cesspool that they had pumped.  This system has not been serviced in years and it has to be filled in and a new septic tank and cesspools must be installed outside next to their driveway for easy servicing.

     Locating septic tanks,Locating cesspools or sewer or drain lines is what we do and if you can't find it, Let us find it.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Can you help us?"

     Our phones rings and I get a call from a frantic homeowner who said they have alot of water coming from somewhere but flooding their crawlspace, their basement and making a small pond in their back yard that birds are taking a bath in and Geese are sitting in!

     When I got there I had to see the Geese in the water and they where there and taking a nap in the middle of it! This uncontrolled water was making a pond in their backyard so I know I had to get to work and find this pipe fast.
     I wear waterproof boots for jobs like this and sure enough glad I had them on. 4 inches of water in the basement I made my wat to where the water was coming in. Clearly a major break but where was it ?

     After a little what I call "Magic", I was able to find the broken pipe buried in concrete, It was the waterline that feeds the whole house and the main had to be shut off and I did. The water stopped then. The other problem is now they do not have water for the whole house. The homeowner called a few friends who came over to work and break up the floor in the area where I marked out as another one when and got pipe and parts to make a repair in a pipe they did not see yet. It's Sunday and stores will close.  These guys went to work and work they did. There was nothing stopping them even when the pizza and more food that they could eat came.  A few of the neighbors cooked food and got it to them and even said their kids can sleep over ect.  Hell I wanted to buy a house on this block!

    About a hour later and a cold house except for their fireplace, They got to the broken pipe and they made the repair then turned on the water main and no more leaks. This line will have to be replaced soon and this will be done on the weekend.

    The pool pumps they have they used to pump out the water in the basement.

You never know when a emergency will happen and who your friends and family are when you need them.

     Let us help you in a emergenct to help locate broken pipes, Electric, Water electric lines to cesspool, sewer and drywell lines.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Plumbers best friend.

     We got a call this morning from a Plumber who calls us when he has a important job. He got a call from his client about a broken pipe that was behind expensive imported tile and mirrors, In a very large bathroom. The water was turned off when I got there and I got the tour of what was under the bathroom and it was a finished basement, The tile cutter showed up. He flew in from California with his tools. The Tile had to be saved at all cost .  I pulled out behind the wall camera and used it to isolate the broken pipe and keep the tile being surgically cut out by a very experienced tile cutter to as little as possible. With a couple of tiles gently removed, I was able to find a few pinhole leaks in a pipe. A hole was drilled in the beams on both sides of the area where the leaking pipe was found and another leak was found. At this point, The Plumber went downstairs and fished up Pex pipe and grabbed it from a hole somehow and made the repair.

     Our behind the wall camera was able to find all the leaks and keep the demolition down to a as little as possible,Saving the client alot of money.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where is our Septic System?

     Where is our Septic System? That was the question our clients asked us when we arrived at the cluster of homes the management company operates. Crazy question to ask but let me fill you in a bit.  Major landscaping was done to the area where the Cluster Septic System is located, and if you saw the pictures of the way it did look to what it looks like now after major work was done, you would not recognize it except for the homes.

     Where is this system was the question so we got to work. The Septic System was backing up and that was the reason why they had to find it today.  I went to work and started to locate pieces of the system and with my 30 plus years of experience in the septic and drain cleaning industry I started to find one manhole after another of what is known as a Cluster System. Attached to the Cluster System was a Aeration Treatment Unit, so there some extra manholes to locate. It did not take too long and the trip to the jobsite was longer then the job itself. Turns out I located other Manholes they did not know they had there and they where another cesspool and clean outs in the lines. The management company had their employees dig up by hand all the manholes and got it ready for the pump truck.

     On the same "Community" of homes, The Management company asked me to locate the drywells for the downspouts  and turns out they where hooked to a Storm sewer that moved the rain water to a local catch basin. Again the management company did not know where they went til today.

     Septic Systems and drywells to even sewer lines and systems do get lost over time , It's my job to find them and I will.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts!

     Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts! Yes  that is what one of our client's called us after doing some work for them.

     He had a under the slab leak that no plumbing company could find. He had his kitchen broken up more times then a bad relationship by people who could not find the leak but charged them anyway to break up the floor. All the other companies first thing out of their mouth was break up the floor, This broken water pipe must be here, When it was not.

    We found the leak within the hour and proved it to him where the leak was and marked off the area to be excavated to reach the pipe for his plumber to know where the leak was. We make a Plumber and their crew life easy by showing them where the problem is and let them do the rest.

     If you have a broken pipe under the slab and do not know where to dig to repair it, Give us a call at 631-368-0901 or go to our website:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today's leaking waterline under a concrete slab in Suffolk County NY.

     Today we got a call from a homeowner who had a major flow of water coming out of his home on the side of their home. This came out from under the slab into their back yard. A mound of sand was forming. It looked like somebody just took a couple of bags of sand and dumped them in the backyard.

   Every contractor before me told the homeowner to bust up the entire kitchen floor to look for the leak.They got quotes and one of their friends told them to call me and they did.

     I arrived and took a look in the back to see the flow of water flowing into the mix of sand. It was cold water so I turned off the water and the water stopped.

     I told the homeowners that we had to find first where the pipe is that needs to be fixed and then that is when the very puzzled looks came across the faces of the homeowners. They said every contractor wanted to break up their kitchen to fix the pipe because they said the pipe was there. I asked them HOW did the other contractors know this and what did they do to figure this out and the homeowners just said nothing. I told the clients that this has to be the first thing to do because we just don't know where the water was coming from.

     I broke out some tools and a half hour later I found the location of the pipe that broke and it was not in their kitchen but in their living room, Some 50 feet away from their kitchen! I marked the area so their Plumber could make the fix with very little damage! Clients very happy as it got fixed today for 1/4 of the price of what others quoted them!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate

     Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate are a must if you are buying any real estate anywhere. This is not just limited to commercial or industrial real estate but homeowners as well. A real estate pre purchase utility locate from Ranger Sewer ( will locate any known or even unknown utilities or oil tanks, gas tanks, propane gas tanks to buried 55 gallon drums buried!
     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility locates when done BEFORE you sign any papers will give you very important information on what is buried on the property you are interested in. This also gives you the opportunity to weigh the true value of the property and what clean ups if any may cost.
     Cleaning up of a leaking oil, gas, or any chemical tank is not cheap. Your local EPA,DEC, Code Enforcement to the State will be notified about the clean up and will monitor the clean up.

     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility Inspection is not about spending money, It's about saving many thousands in your future.

     You can contact us at or send us a e mail: