Monday, February 13, 2017

Can you find our Septic Tank?

     We got a call from our new client about locating their Septic Tank. Nobody could find their Septic Tank even after spending thousands to find it,Nobody could find it.They had their yard dug up many times by others, but nobody could find their septic tank or even there complete septic system.

     After we got there and got the "Lay of the land" and walked around a bit with the clients, I figured out a few things. The house has been built onto many times and the first house was a summer cottage. They even got the pictures of the first house that was built on the land. Black and White photo.
     Just looking at the photo I knew I had bad news for them and that their house is built ontop of their sanitary system. Nobody even said anything like to them. They both got big smiles on their faces and they got me down into their basement and saw a mess that they had help clean up after each back up.  After a quick walk thru the basement I came up with a game plan to find this lost sanitary system. They just said do whatever you need to do to find it.  I located the upstairs toilet line and found a pvc clean out to open. I ran my cable down the drain and came to a stop. I located where exactly where the cable was and where it stopped and told the homeowner to break open the floor here and like people on a mission they did and removed the soil under it and found a cesspool cover and opened it up and it was overflowing.Their home was built over their sanitary system. They called a cesspool pumping company and they had it pumped  and we looked into it and found a line leaving the cesspool. I traced the line out to another cesspool and they broke up the floor and dug it up and got it pumped and we found another line and found a third cesspool that they had pumped.  This system has not been serviced in years and it has to be filled in and a new septic tank and cesspools must be installed outside next to their driveway for easy servicing.

     Locating septic tanks,Locating cesspools or sewer or drain lines is what we do and if you can't find it, Let us find it.