Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Can you help us?"

     Our phones rings and I get a call from a frantic homeowner who said they have alot of water coming from somewhere but flooding their crawlspace, their basement and making a small pond in their back yard that birds are taking a bath in and Geese are sitting in!

     When I got there I had to see the Geese in the water and they where there and taking a nap in the middle of it! This uncontrolled water was making a pond in their backyard so I know I had to get to work and find this pipe fast.
     I wear waterproof boots for jobs like this and sure enough glad I had them on. 4 inches of water in the basement I made my wat to where the water was coming in. Clearly a major break but where was it ?

     After a little what I call "Magic", I was able to find the broken pipe buried in concrete, It was the waterline that feeds the whole house and the main had to be shut off and I did. The water stopped then. The other problem is now they do not have water for the whole house. The homeowner called a few friends who came over to work and break up the floor in the area where I marked out as another one when and got pipe and parts to make a repair in a pipe they did not see yet. It's Sunday and stores will close.  These guys went to work and work they did. There was nothing stopping them even when the pizza and more food that they could eat came.  A few of the neighbors cooked food and got it to them and even said their kids can sleep over ect.  Hell I wanted to buy a house on this block!

    About a hour later and a cold house except for their fireplace, They got to the broken pipe and they made the repair then turned on the water main and no more leaks. This line will have to be replaced soon and this will be done on the weekend.

    The pool pumps they have they used to pump out the water in the basement.

You never know when a emergency will happen and who your friends and family are when you need them.

     Let us help you in a emergenct to help locate broken pipes, Electric, Water electric lines to cesspool, sewer and drywell lines.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Plumbers best friend.

     We got a call this morning from a Plumber who calls us when he has a important job. He got a call from his client about a broken pipe that was behind expensive imported tile and mirrors, In a very large bathroom. The water was turned off when I got there and I got the tour of what was under the bathroom and it was a finished basement, The tile cutter showed up. He flew in from California with his tools. The Tile had to be saved at all cost .  I pulled out behind the wall camera and used it to isolate the broken pipe and keep the tile being surgically cut out by a very experienced tile cutter to as little as possible. With a couple of tiles gently removed, I was able to find a few pinhole leaks in a pipe. A hole was drilled in the beams on both sides of the area where the leaking pipe was found and another leak was found. At this point, The Plumber went downstairs and fished up Pex pipe and grabbed it from a hole somehow and made the repair.

     Our behind the wall camera was able to find all the leaks and keep the demolition down to a as little as possible,Saving the client alot of money.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where is our Septic System?

     Where is our Septic System? That was the question our clients asked us when we arrived at the cluster of homes the management company operates. Crazy question to ask but let me fill you in a bit.  Major landscaping was done to the area where the Cluster Septic System is located, and if you saw the pictures of the way it did look to what it looks like now after major work was done, you would not recognize it except for the homes.

     Where is this system was the question so we got to work. The Septic System was backing up and that was the reason why they had to find it today.  I went to work and started to locate pieces of the system and with my 30 plus years of experience in the septic and drain cleaning industry I started to find one manhole after another of what is known as a Cluster System. Attached to the Cluster System was a Aeration Treatment Unit, so there some extra manholes to locate. It did not take too long and the trip to the jobsite was longer then the job itself. Turns out I located other Manholes they did not know they had there and they where another cesspool and clean outs in the lines. The management company had their employees dig up by hand all the manholes and got it ready for the pump truck.

     On the same "Community" of homes, The Management company asked me to locate the drywells for the downspouts  and turns out they where hooked to a Storm sewer that moved the rain water to a local catch basin. Again the management company did not know where they went til today.

     Septic Systems and drywells to even sewer lines and systems do get lost over time , It's my job to find them and I will.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts!

     Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts! Yes  that is what one of our client's called us after doing some work for them.

     He had a under the slab leak that no plumbing company could find. He had his kitchen broken up more times then a bad relationship by people who could not find the leak but charged them anyway to break up the floor. All the other companies first thing out of their mouth was break up the floor, This broken water pipe must be here, When it was not.

    We found the leak within the hour and proved it to him where the leak was and marked off the area to be excavated to reach the pipe for his plumber to know where the leak was. We make a Plumber and their crew life easy by showing them where the problem is and let them do the rest.

     If you have a broken pipe under the slab and do not know where to dig to repair it, Give us a call at 631-368-0901 or go to our website:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today's leaking waterline under a concrete slab in Suffolk County NY.

     Today we got a call from a homeowner who had a major flow of water coming out of his home on the side of their home. This came out from under the slab into their back yard. A mound of sand was forming. It looked like somebody just took a couple of bags of sand and dumped them in the backyard.

   Every contractor before me told the homeowner to bust up the entire kitchen floor to look for the leak.They got quotes and one of their friends told them to call me and they did.

     I arrived and took a look in the back to see the flow of water flowing into the mix of sand. It was cold water so I turned off the water and the water stopped.

     I told the homeowners that we had to find first where the pipe is that needs to be fixed and then that is when the very puzzled looks came across the faces of the homeowners. They said every contractor wanted to break up their kitchen to fix the pipe because they said the pipe was there. I asked them HOW did the other contractors know this and what did they do to figure this out and the homeowners just said nothing. I told the clients that this has to be the first thing to do because we just don't know where the water was coming from.

     I broke out some tools and a half hour later I found the location of the pipe that broke and it was not in their kitchen but in their living room, Some 50 feet away from their kitchen! I marked the area so their Plumber could make the fix with very little damage! Clients very happy as it got fixed today for 1/4 of the price of what others quoted them!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate

     Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate are a must if you are buying any real estate anywhere. This is not just limited to commercial or industrial real estate but homeowners as well. A real estate pre purchase utility locate from Ranger Sewer ( will locate any known or even unknown utilities or oil tanks, gas tanks, propane gas tanks to buried 55 gallon drums buried!
     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility locates when done BEFORE you sign any papers will give you very important information on what is buried on the property you are interested in. This also gives you the opportunity to weigh the true value of the property and what clean ups if any may cost.
     Cleaning up of a leaking oil, gas, or any chemical tank is not cheap. Your local EPA,DEC, Code Enforcement to the State will be notified about the clean up and will monitor the clean up.

     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility Inspection is not about spending money, It's about saving many thousands in your future.

     You can contact us at or send us a e mail: