Thursday, June 1, 2017

Private Suffolk County NY utility locator specializes in septic, cesspool locates!

We locate gas, water , electric services after the meter, Buried Drain lines and Water lines for plumbers AND specialize on locating Septic Systems of all types.

     We are the only NY Utility Locator who specialize in locating Septic tanks, Cesspools, Drainfields, Leachfields, Drain pipes, Storm Water systems, Storm Water drain lines , To Sewer pipes and sewer lines !

     If your cesspool or septic company can not find your septic tank, cesspools or any sanitary system on your property and wants to bring in a backhoe, Call us first !  Let us limit the damage to your property septic and cesspool companies will make and cal us to locate and mark out your system!

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