Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We have a giant hole under our driveway

 "We have a giant hole under our driveway".

     This is how the call started and they asked us to come out and locate where everything is on property because they have a giant hole under their less then a year old blacktop driveway.When I got to the property I remembered being here last year when they called me then when I got there they told me their contractor said they did not have to waste their money on my service. I remembered it well. This bad advice came back to bite them big time. I walked behind their nice home to see part of their brand new SUV sticking up in the air hood first. They said the dealer was sending a flatbed to pull it gently out of the hole. For the flatbed to do this, he will have to rip up their new landscape work that was not cheap. I looked into the hole to see it was a block cesspool that caved in and it was still active. I traced the whole system out then used our ground scan and found the system. This block cesspool was part of it.

     I asked if they called their contractor who told them not to waste their time with me and they said his phone number is turned off and can't find him anywhere.

     This bad advice from their contractor who they can't find  will cost them about 30 g's to solve.From fixing that brand new sport SUV, a new septic system and repairs to their driveway and i am sure it will have to be pulled up and redone to their landscape.

     If you do not know where your gas, water, electric to your septic, cesspool or sewer is , You better be calling us first to put this picture all together.

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