Friday, April 7, 2017

Can you find our ring?

The phone call started like this:

     "Do you locate things? Yes we do, Thinking this was some sort of emergency call , and that somebody could not find a shut off after a pipe was hit and maybe the water could not be turned off and damages where adding up so they decided to call.

     " I lost a ring when walking outside in my back yard and we can't find it, I do not know where I lost it as it slipped off my finger and I noticed it gone when I went into my home to wash my hands, How fast can you get here as my Lawyer and the Insurance Company are on their way here. I need you here now to find this, I NEED YOU HERE NOW, I can't lose this ring!"

     I loaded up and headed towards the east end town on Long Island as fast as I could and when I got there and walked up the driveway I was mobbed by many people from the Insurance Company and her personal Lawyer. Both talking legal stuff to me and one over the other until I said I need to see the person who called who lost the ring and let me talk with her for a few and get some important details.

     They followed me into the home as I tried to talk to the Woman who called me. The Lawyers both kept on interrupting her until I had to tell them to just stop and get out of the home so I can listen to her and get some details. Her personal 24 hour security made them leave.  Thank God for security.

     After getting some information I understood why all the lawyers and how important this ring is to all involved. I told her to tell the lawyers to keep off the grass in the area where it maybe and to keep back 500 feet away from me at all times until I tell them to come to me.After doing a grid search for the item, I get a hit and I shine my flashlight into the grass and there it was. Now I know why.  I placed a marker next to the object and went and got the Owner of the ring and took her to the ring and let her pick it up. She put it back on her finger and cried. Now it all made sense. This is a very important ring.
     We walked back into the home and sat in the kitchen, Had a cup of coffee and heard the history of this ring. This ring had to be found. This was not just another job, This was a honor.

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