Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rain and why you must know the location of your drywells

     Rain, We have no control of it and it comes and goes when it pleases and can cause major damage to your home and property. We can not control Mother Nature but we can help her do what she wants to do. We can beg all we want but Mother Nature plays by her rules.

     How can we make her happy and not control her but offer her "Advice"  to direct her unlimited power away from our homes?

     Here is the answer: We can't !
There are things we can do to move water away from our homes and keep her happy at the same time. One of the best piece of advice is to know where your gutters, drain lines and drywells are and where they go, and have them easy to get to at all times for emergency repairs. Drywells can hold alot of rainwater BUT Mother Nature calls ths shots and can fill them up fast at will. Having a secondary outlet that comes out of the last drywell from the Inspection Port that runs away and down hill and above the ground will keep water moving away from your home. This will water from backing up by your home if properly installed and give a unlimited amount of rainwater a place to go when your drywells are full. There are even fittings that will automatically open and close when your drywells are full to release rainwater away from your home that work well and blend in with any landscape !

     Knowing where all your drywells are located and drainlines will help keep your home rain free and water tight!

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