Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017 "hunt"

     Our Easter Day hunt started with a frantic phone call from a Woman:

     " I lost my Mother In Laws necklace in the back yard while hiding Easter Eggs for the children. I need to find the necklace way before my Mother in Law shows up for Easter, How fast can you get here?"

     I got the address and broke speed limits to get way out east as fast as I could. Upon arrival I had a very short conversation  with the woman who called. She looked very worried and pale with fear of not finding it in time or not at all. She had no idea where she lost it. My heart sunk but I know i had to try every tick in our book to find this necklace.

     I broke out some equipment and started to locate.  First hour, Nothing. Second Hour nothing. I even got worried.  At the beginning of the third hour, BINGO! I marked the area and got her over there to pick it out of the overgrown backyard, Way in the back. She even forgot she went back there and we even went to their security cameras to find out when she walked back there. 2 days before was the last time she walked back there!

     This is a very special necklace and not because it came from her Mother In Law, But it's history behind it and how it was handed down over the years to a family member. I even got to see pictures of other family members with it on. This was part of their family history.

     If you lose something andneed to find it, Give us a call to help!

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