Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to save a TON of money when you have a Septic or Cesspool problem in Suffolk County NY!

     Who plans for emergencies ?  Not many and that it is why they are called emergencies , They just happen when you least expect it.

How do you save money during a emergency?

     Septic, Cesspools and sewer emergencies  are true emergencies and when you need to save money, A clear head will win out over  losing it.

Septic and Cesspool companies make alot of money on locating septic and cesspool locates and charge alot more then a arm and a leg and a few out there will even take your house and first born if you let them !

     Septic, Cesspool and Sewer emergencies do happen and we do not operate like many other companies who take advantage of your misfortune. This is why we have many repeat business and referrals from our clients.

Here is your answer:

     Call us FIRST way before you call any Septic or Cesspool company to come out and locate your system. Let us locate your Septic, Cesspool or Sewer system and let them service your Septic or Cesspool system.  By doing this, You are saving many hundreds of your hard earned money.

We will tell you exactly where your covers are and you can either dig them up yourself or have the Septic or Cesspool company dig them up themselves.

Locating Septic, Cesspools, Drain Lines, and Sewers is what we do. Call us today to set up appointment at 631-368-0901 or visit out website at

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