Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why risk blowing up your home?

     Why risk blowing up your home? Everyday on long island somebody is taking that risk . Why ? Because the homeowner does not know that if you call a service and they start to use metal bar to locate anything underground, They can hit your gas or water line and either flood or blow up your home!

     If you feel it is a acceptable risk to go slamming rods into the ground to locate anything in the ground BEFORE a utility mark out, well leave this page now.

     Many companies in Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island NY  use a probe method to go locate  underground systems without calling for code required Utility Mark out. This is very dangerous and very unsafe.

     With the grounds on Long Island being so busy, It is not hard to hit a gas, water or electric lines underground! AND to top it all off,  With so many new ways to install Gas, Water  or Electric lines with less excavation, It is easy to make a install look like nothing was done !

     If the Contractor you hired refuses to call for a Utility Mark Out,  Tell them to leave,

     A Utility Mark Out before any work is done may safe your home or your family's life.

If you need a Private Utility Markout done on your property, Give us a call !

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