Saturday, September 2, 2017

Drain Pipe Locating

Drain Pipe Locating is a hard job that you must be 100 % accurate on every job. It is not a hit or miss job. It is not a guessing job like other companies treat it but then again they are spending your money to waste time and guess !
     Locating a buried drain pipe in concrete that you have to break up to get to is hard work. Now what would you do if the company you called marked where they thought the pipe was and you broke up the concrete and it was not there? We have been the second company many of our clients have called till they see that we find the pipe every time then we are their first call.

     Drain Pipe Locating is a ART and not a job. Just like locating a septic tank or cesspools, You must be accurate 100 % of the time.

 We made it easy over the years by the systems we developed. We can locate any size line in soil, concrete or behind a wall. We even get calls from other companies to find what they can't.

     Let us locate any drain pipe, septic tank, cesspool to any pipe you need to find.

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