Friday, September 1, 2017

Septic Tank locating without damage to your landscape !

     Septic Tank locating to properly clean your septic tank when the septic tank system is not known can be a major maintenance problem. Most people wait till it's too late to service a septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield system before calling for service.   We advise all our clients to locate their septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield and know exactly where the covers are, and if the covers are too deep, to raise them to grade or just below grade so when a septic tank emergency does happen, Getting to the septic tank, cesspool or leachfield system is quick , easy and less mess.

     When the location of a septic tank, cesspool or septic tank and leachfield  is not known and a emergency happens, A landscape ruining backhoe must be used or internal damage to the property will occur.

     Most septic , septic tank and cesspool companies use a very outdated locating system using a metal bar and pounding it into the ground to locate your septic, septic tank , septic tank and leachfield or cesspools. This very old outdated system puts your gas service, water service, electric service to your buried oil tanks and sprinkler system in jeopardy of massive expensive damage that you the homeowner will be paying to repair. Damage will occur using this old outdated system !

     There are systems we developed over our 30 plus years of locating septic tanks, cesspools and septic tanks and cesspools that do not damage your property at all !

     Let us come out and locate your septic tank, septic tank and leachfield and your cesspools BEFORE a emergency.  We do locate septic tanks, septic tank and leachfield and septic tank and cesspools when a emergency does happen. Either way , You are saving your landscape, gas, water, electric lines to your oil tank when you call us to locate your septic cesspool system.


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