Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Nobody can find our Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up"

       "Nobody can find out Septic and Cesspool and we are backing up." That is how the call started. "We tried and paid thousands to find our Septic and Cesspool and nobody can find it, We have been living with using as little water as possible for too long, Can you come out and TRY to find it?"

     We drove out to the east end of long island to the home. Avery private home with it's own gate,Long driveway upto a home out of a magazine designed by a well known Architect. Beautiful home is a gross understatement.

     After a short conversation I went into the basement to locate the house trap to discover that is was a finished basement. I got behind the walls and found the housetrap buried in a tight area. When I told the homeowners what and where I found they looked puzzled and said that nobody looked back there and even in that area of the home.

     I went outside to find no fresh air vent cover and a paved driveway. I pulled out a few pieces of equipmewnt and located the system using a system we developed and marked out the area. The homeowners went and got shovels and removed the bricks  and dug down 2 feet to hit the septic tank then did the same for the cesspools. System beyond full. Very happy people.

     We did not charge thousands to find their Septic and Cesspools but we found it!

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