Saturday, April 15, 2017

Who is the owner of this pipe?

     Got a unusual call today from two neighbors who have a pipe making a loop out of the ground then going back into the ground, Right on the property line. The neighbors where not fighting and a matter of fact, real good friends and very  very funny. The real question was , where does this strange pipe go since one end went towards one house and the other end went to the other house.

     I located the pipe underground and marked out the area of other stuff in the ground. This pipe was not hooked to anything and a "dead" pipe.I knew there must be a story until a very old neighbor came over and told us it. The two homes where owned by one family who farmed and had a giant Greenhouse and this pipe fed water to the Green House. Why was there a loop in the pipe?  for the heck of it!

     Mystery solved !

If you got a mystery pipe, Give us a call to help you solve it !

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