Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today's leaking waterline under a concrete slab in Suffolk County NY.

     Today we got a call from a homeowner who had a major flow of water coming out of his home on the side of their home. This came out from under the slab into their back yard. A mound of sand was forming. It looked like somebody just took a couple of bags of sand and dumped them in the backyard.

   Every contractor before me told the homeowner to bust up the entire kitchen floor to look for the leak.They got quotes and one of their friends told them to call me and they did.

     I arrived and took a look in the back to see the flow of water flowing into the mix of sand. It was cold water so I turned off the water and the water stopped.

     I told the homeowners that we had to find first where the pipe is that needs to be fixed and then that is when the very puzzled looks came across the faces of the homeowners. They said every contractor wanted to break up their kitchen to fix the pipe because they said the pipe was there. I asked them HOW did the other contractors know this and what did they do to figure this out and the homeowners just said nothing. I told the clients that this has to be the first thing to do because we just don't know where the water was coming from.

     I broke out some tools and a half hour later I found the location of the pipe that broke and it was not in their kitchen but in their living room, Some 50 feet away from their kitchen! I marked the area so their Plumber could make the fix with very little damage! Clients very happy as it got fixed today for 1/4 of the price of what others quoted them!


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