Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Can you help us?"

     Our phones rings and I get a call from a frantic homeowner who said they have alot of water coming from somewhere but flooding their crawlspace, their basement and making a small pond in their back yard that birds are taking a bath in and Geese are sitting in!

     When I got there I had to see the Geese in the water and they where there and taking a nap in the middle of it! This uncontrolled water was making a pond in their backyard so I know I had to get to work and find this pipe fast.
     I wear waterproof boots for jobs like this and sure enough glad I had them on. 4 inches of water in the basement I made my wat to where the water was coming in. Clearly a major break but where was it ?

     After a little what I call "Magic", I was able to find the broken pipe buried in concrete, It was the waterline that feeds the whole house and the main had to be shut off and I did. The water stopped then. The other problem is now they do not have water for the whole house. The homeowner called a few friends who came over to work and break up the floor in the area where I marked out as another one when and got pipe and parts to make a repair in a pipe they did not see yet. It's Sunday and stores will close.  These guys went to work and work they did. There was nothing stopping them even when the pizza and more food that they could eat came.  A few of the neighbors cooked food and got it to them and even said their kids can sleep over ect.  Hell I wanted to buy a house on this block!

    About a hour later and a cold house except for their fireplace, They got to the broken pipe and they made the repair then turned on the water main and no more leaks. This line will have to be replaced soon and this will be done on the weekend.

    The pool pumps they have they used to pump out the water in the basement.

You never know when a emergency will happen and who your friends and family are when you need them.

     Let us help you in a emergenct to help locate broken pipes, Electric, Water electric lines to cesspool, sewer and drywell lines.

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