Monday, January 23, 2017

A Plumbers best friend.

     We got a call this morning from a Plumber who calls us when he has a important job. He got a call from his client about a broken pipe that was behind expensive imported tile and mirrors, In a very large bathroom. The water was turned off when I got there and I got the tour of what was under the bathroom and it was a finished basement, The tile cutter showed up. He flew in from California with his tools. The Tile had to be saved at all cost .  I pulled out behind the wall camera and used it to isolate the broken pipe and keep the tile being surgically cut out by a very experienced tile cutter to as little as possible. With a couple of tiles gently removed, I was able to find a few pinhole leaks in a pipe. A hole was drilled in the beams on both sides of the area where the leaking pipe was found and another leak was found. At this point, The Plumber went downstairs and fished up Pex pipe and grabbed it from a hole somehow and made the repair.

     Our behind the wall camera was able to find all the leaks and keep the demolition down to a as little as possible,Saving the client alot of money.