Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts!

     Suffolk County New York's Leak Locating experts! Yes  that is what one of our client's called us after doing some work for them.

     He had a under the slab leak that no plumbing company could find. He had his kitchen broken up more times then a bad relationship by people who could not find the leak but charged them anyway to break up the floor. All the other companies first thing out of their mouth was break up the floor, This broken water pipe must be here, When it was not.

    We found the leak within the hour and proved it to him where the leak was and marked off the area to be excavated to reach the pipe for his plumber to know where the leak was. We make a Plumber and their crew life easy by showing them where the problem is and let them do the rest.

     If you have a broken pipe under the slab and do not know where to dig to repair it, Give us a call at 631-368-0901 or go to our website: www.RangerSewer.com

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