Sunday, January 1, 2017

Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate

     Real Estste Pre Purchase Utility Locate are a must if you are buying any real estate anywhere. This is not just limited to commercial or industrial real estate but homeowners as well. A real estate pre purchase utility locate from Ranger Sewer ( will locate any known or even unknown utilities or oil tanks, gas tanks, propane gas tanks to buried 55 gallon drums buried!
     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility locates when done BEFORE you sign any papers will give you very important information on what is buried on the property you are interested in. This also gives you the opportunity to weigh the true value of the property and what clean ups if any may cost.
     Cleaning up of a leaking oil, gas, or any chemical tank is not cheap. Your local EPA,DEC, Code Enforcement to the State will be notified about the clean up and will monitor the clean up.

     Real Estate Pre Purchase Utility Inspection is not about spending money, It's about saving many thousands in your future.

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