Sunday, January 22, 2017

Where is our Septic System?

     Where is our Septic System? That was the question our clients asked us when we arrived at the cluster of homes the management company operates. Crazy question to ask but let me fill you in a bit.  Major landscaping was done to the area where the Cluster Septic System is located, and if you saw the pictures of the way it did look to what it looks like now after major work was done, you would not recognize it except for the homes.

     Where is this system was the question so we got to work. The Septic System was backing up and that was the reason why they had to find it today.  I went to work and started to locate pieces of the system and with my 30 plus years of experience in the septic and drain cleaning industry I started to find one manhole after another of what is known as a Cluster System. Attached to the Cluster System was a Aeration Treatment Unit, so there some extra manholes to locate. It did not take too long and the trip to the jobsite was longer then the job itself. Turns out I located other Manholes they did not know they had there and they where another cesspool and clean outs in the lines. The management company had their employees dig up by hand all the manholes and got it ready for the pump truck.

     On the same "Community" of homes, The Management company asked me to locate the drywells for the downspouts  and turns out they where hooked to a Storm sewer that moved the rain water to a local catch basin. Again the management company did not know where they went til today.

     Septic Systems and drywells to even sewer lines and systems do get lost over time , It's my job to find them and I will.

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